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child posing for social networking apps

Is it Okay to Create a Social Networking Account for your Baby?

With social networking taking over, it’s a common thing for parents to post photos about their children.

According to the 2010 report form online security company AVG Technologies, 92 percent of U.S. children under 2 already have a digital footprint. The study also revealed that ⅓ from this percentage have photos online just a few weeks of being born.

Aside from posting photos and videos, it’s also slowly becoming a norm for parents to create social networking accounts for their children.

Now this lies the question: Is it okay for parents to create a social media account for their baby? Is this going to help their children progress in the digital world or is it going to hinder them?

Here is when it’s okay to create a social network profile for your child, and when it’s not.

It’s okay to create a profile when you’re securing their birthright

One can never tell the future of the internet, but one thing’s for sure, people will be having a hard time securing usernames for their social network profiles.

This is why parents are preparing ahead to ensure that their children will get the proper usernames for their social networking account. Some parents create these accounts, filled them with enough information and then hand them over to their children when they are on their right age.

If you’re going to make some accounts for this purpose, then it may be okay to make an account. Just ensure you’re not posting sensitive information for their profile, to avoid any stolen identities later on.

It’s not okay to create a profile when you’re using it to share everything

It’s normal to get excited upon having a baby. Everything they do or say is such a wonder for you. Your relatives are also excited to see their whereabouts and what they have been learning. So you go in a photo sharing app and start uploading, even now considering making a profile just for your child’s shenanigans.

But creating an account just for the sake of putting everything in there can be risky for your child. Some parents are absentmindedly posting their child’s first-day-in-school photos, with the school info just right at that photo. That’s giving kidnappers more chance of getting your child.

They could also be cyberbullied later on when their old toddler photos resurface on photo sharing apps.

What do you think would your Children feel in the future?

Aside from the kidnapping, bullying and stolen identity risks, parents need to consider what their children would feel having existing accounts.

Remember, they were babies when you made those accounts, who knows what type of person they will be in the future? You didn’t give them the right to choose for themselves. You’re also putting them on a spot they probably didn’t even want to be a part of.

That’s why using social media healthily is important. Setting boundaries on your social networking platforms is the key for you to get a much more peaceful life.

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