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5 Healthy Ways of Using Social Networking Platforms

When people talk about social networking platforms, everyone’s seemed to perceive it negatively.

“Social Media? Oh, it’s a distraction. It’s pointless. It shares fake news. It’s addicting.”

But then, nobody seemed to realize that social media isn’t the problem. It’s us.

Everything is good in moderation. An occasional drink is fine. Eating a cup of ice cream in a week is acceptable. But when you start not having discipline, that’s when the trouble starts. That’s when you became alcoholic and obese.

The same goes for social networking platforms. If you have unhealthy habits when using social networking apps, then expect negative effects coming along your way.

On the other hand, if you know how to use social networking apps in a much efficient way, then expect to receive the benefits of using one.

5 Healthy Ways of Using Social Networking Platforms

You might wonder, what are the healthy habits when using social media? Well, we got you covered because we have a list of 5 healthy ways to use social networking apps.

#1: Think Before You Click

You might consider it as cliche advice at this point, but still, we should all be conscious of what we share on social networking sites. Remember, anything that you post on the internet will remain the internet forever. You also don’t want to ruin personal relationships just because of a photo, meme, or some questionable post.

#2: Stop Comparing

Changing your mindset is something you should do when using social networking platforms. When you refrain from comparing yourself to other people, the way you see other people’s feeds will gonna change.

Oh, your high school batchmate is getting married? Good for her. A former coworker just landed a job in Paris? That’s courageous of him. Someone you know is getting to be a brand ambassador of a messenger app. Congrats to her!

When you realize that everyone has their timeline, you’ll become kinder to people and yourself.

#3: Be Selective with the Content You’re Following

There’s nothing wrong with following entertainment pages. Celebrity gossip? Cool. Memes? Yes, that’s a stress reliever.

Just make sure that you’re also following pages that have good effects for you. Social media profiles about personal development, financial literacy, facts, history, and current events are good sources of knowledge that could help you in the long run.

#4: Create More

Most users are on social networking platforms just to consume content. But instead of passively liking posts and such, why not create more? If you have talent in arts, why don’t you share this with the online world? This will bring you opportunities in the future.

#5: Show your Authentic Self

The thing with social media is, it’s a great way to make a facade. You can make a whole personality on social networking platforms and people might even follow you. It’s not you, you’re not this manic pixie dream girl they think you are, but you get a lot of following, so you continue.

Yes, followers are everything, but still, learn to show your true self. You’re not fooling anyone. You’re fooling yourself.

Also, don’t be a catfish.

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