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5 Tips to Get More Followers on Social Networking Apps

Getting popular on social networking apps can be pretty tough. With people bringing in new content on social networking apps every day, it’s hard to stand out.

But before you fret and wave the white flag of surrender, here are the things you can do to attract more followers on your social networking profile.

5 Tips to Get More Followers on Social Networking Apps

Here’s a rundown of the tips. For a much in-depth discussion, scroll down for more.

  1. Know your Main Audience
  2. Consistent Posting
  3. Go for Quality Posts
  4. Have an Aesthetic Feed
  5. Keep Up with the Trends

#1: Know Your Main Audience

If you have an existing following on your social media profile, check out your followers’ list. Assess their age group, gender, and other categories you can classify to. Once you’ve consolidated that, figure out the content that perfectly suits your main audience.

If you’re starting out and don’t have followers to research on, identify your target audience instead. Identify the people you want to appeal to. After determining your target audience, you then research factors that you can use to attract them.

#2: Consistent Posting

It’s important to be consistent with posting. If you tend to post daily, you have to post daily. If you prefer once a week, then make sure you’re posting once a week. Posting regularly will show that you’re active on your social media profile. It’s important that you’re active since visitors wouldn’t follow an account that they assume is inactive.

#3: Go for Quality Posts

We’ve discussed above that consistent posting is effective in attracting new people to follow your social networking profile. Now, aside from consistency, your posts have to be high quality too. If you’re posting on a photo sharing platform, make sure that the photos aren’t pixelated, in good composition, and are well edited too.

Even if you consistently post, if your content isn’t connecting with your audience or isn’t aesthetically pleasing, you won’t get that many followers.

#4: Have an Aesthetic Feed

So you’re posting consistently with quality photos and videos, now what’s the next step? Well, having a clean and themed feed will attract even more followers. Themed doesn’t mean that the photos have to look the same, you just have to use the main filter or preset on all your photos.

#5: Keep Up with the Trends

Always check the trending topics on different social networking platforms. By doing so, you can consider relating your content to trends, making you more visible to people who aren’t following you yet. You can also prepare some advance content for certain holidays or events.

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