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woman checking her social network app

How do Social Network Apps Affect our Lives?

At home. At public transport. Even in the cinema– people are hooked on social network apps.

Whatever we do or say, social media is becoming an essential part of it. People may say it’s a distraction, whilst some may say it’s a gift to mankind, but the social network apps are here to stay.

Now, considering the importance of social media in our modern life, we should also weigh in how these apps affect us in positive and negative ways. Here is how social network apps change our lives:

Communication Barriers are Reduced

We’re now in the digital age. Talking to someone is not as difficult as it is before. You don’t even need a hefty amount of cash to talk to someone overseas. All you need is an internet connection which you could even get for free on certain establishments.

There are tons of secure messaging apps for Android and iOS that are available for the masses. Even social network apps have built-in messaging and video calling features. So there’s no reason you can’t connect with someone–unless they’re ghosting you.

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It changed the way we market products

Before the internet and social media, it’s all about the traditional marketing ways. When a company has tons of cash and media connections, it’s easy top put advertisements on TV, print and outdoor signages.

But times are changing, and so the way businesses and marketers sell their products. People are more hooked to their phones than in TVs. With this change, Businesses are investing on social media marketing, hustling to get prospects check their social network sites.

Social Network Platforms Became Major News Source

Back in the day, we only get the current events from TV and Newspapers. Now, social media is a major source of news. Tons of publishing companies are going online now, and social media has been of their major channels.

Along with this change is the inevitable surge of #FakeNews which is even getting viral at times due to some oblivious users. With this, make a quick fact check before sharing anything on the internet.

People Are Now More Involved on National Issues

If people want to make a stand on certain issues before, they need to be physically on a rally and unite with the crowd. But social media age happened. Everyone became an activist online.

The good thing about this is that people are becoming more aware of the issues since it’s being shared online. However, it makes people believe that they’re doing something with a simple like when instead, making a real action is what sparks change.

Social Media Became a Shortcut to Popularity

Back in the good ‘ol days, if you wanna be known, you’ve gotta have an extraordinary talent or a breathtaking face. You have to sign up on an agency and be shown on TV.

Now, you can do some lipsync on your social media profile and receive millions of hits. The term “15 seconds of fame” is happening almost daily– one minute you’re trending on twitter and the next thing you know, you’re irrelevant again.

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg, there are a lot of changes that happened within the past few years ever since the social network came into our lives. With that, it’s important to be self-aware of what these existing and new social media apps are doing in our personal lives, and what are the necessary actions.

Let’s not make social network apps be the bad guy here. As long as we do responsible usage of social media, it will bring more positive effects.