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Don’t Screw Up your Career with these 7 Social Media Mistakes

Social media changed the game even when it comes to finding a lucrative career. Before social media times, everyone has to work harder to push through their careers. People have to connect on conventions, check classified ads, go to forums, and all other career-related activities just to improve their careers.

But now, things have changed. In just a few clicks and messages, you can land your dream career or connect with a respectable mentor.

Now, along with the perks from these new social media apps are responsibilities. And if you want to have a good track record with your career, then you must avoid making these social media mistakes.

Putting Silly Content on Your Social Media Profile

It’s 2019 already. Stop putting silly content on your profile. If an HR or workmate is checking out the bio of your social media profile, would you want them to see some funny lyrics or quotes?

Fill up your profile with accurate information. Censor out the private details such as address. Make your social media profile professional and avoid putting jokes in it.

Having Inappropriate Posts

Some companies do a background check before hiring you– social network accounts are no exception to that.

With this, it’s important to assess your timeline and photo sharing account. Do you have racial slurs? Raging comments? Sleazy posts? Questionable photos? Are you following inappropriate accounts? Always consider this and if you have extra time, do a social network profile cleanse.

Sending a Friend Request Too Soon

Your job interview just ended, and you became closer to the interviewer since you have a lot of things in common. Now you’re super excited to talk more about it. Now, should you send a friend request to his/her social media account?

Here’s a simple answer: don’t. Establish an actual connection with the person first before delving into their friend request list.

Not Correcting Spelling or Typo Mistakes

Before posting anything, it’s important to check your spelling and grammar first. Especially if your job involves writing, a well-written post will reflect how professional you are.

Posting Content Only About Yourself

I get it– it’s your profile and you don’t wanna share work-related stuff in there. But sharing topics about your line of expertise do polish up your profile. You get to share helpful content to others and show that you’re thoroughly involved with the career you’re in.

Not Assessing your Tagged Photos

Bestfriend tagging you chugging 2 bottles of beer at once? For the love of your reputation, untag yourself! It may be funny to your circle, but that can be a major red flag for your future employers.

If you can’t untag, you may start messaging your friends about the photos. If they are your friends, they will understand if you ask to delete those photos.

Complaining About Your Job Online

Having these kinds of posts on your social network profile will only show your unprofessional side. So as much as possible, keep mum on anything related to your work, unless you’re sharing guides about your expertise.

And there you go, the 7 social media mistakes you should avoid for the betterment of your career. Keep these things in mind and you’ll get a good first impression from your future employers.

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