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5 Surefire Tips to Make a Trending Social Media Post

When you’re working a social media manager or an internet personality (aka ‘influencers’), this term might irk you or excite you: Trending.

In today’s social media world, being on trend is everything. Clout (internet popularity) is the official social media currency. The more followers you have, the more chances for you to get brand deals (aka money).

How do you get that clout? Well by posting trending social media posts.

With this, people jump quickly on trending social media content. Whether it’s a challenge about licking ice cream on grocery stores, memes about a woman who sold her bathwater or even posting messenger screenshots about wanting a baby, internet users will jump as quickly as possible, just get that sweet, sweet clout.

But aside from jumping to trends, there’s also something you can do get viral. Instead of checking the top trends, why don’t you make your own viral content as well?

5 Things To Do to Make Trending Social Media Posts

For a quick rundown, here are the 5 things you can do to make trending social media posts. On the other hand, you can check in-depth information below:

  1. Visuals are Everything
  2. Make it Relatable
  3. Keep it short
  4. Create posts that would make them funny, kind, or smart
  5. Check the timing too

#1: Visuals are Everything

Visual content is easier to share since it’s quick to digest. Everyone’s also enamored to memes so there’s that. This is why if you want to have shareable content, go for photos and short videos. Also, don’t overedit your visuals since the more authentic it looks, the more it’s going to be shared by the internet people.

#2: Make it Relatable

If your followers are mostly Millenials, you have to post content that resonates with them. You don’t put up the 80s trends and expect them to get it. Making a post that is well-targeted to your audience will help you gain more likes and shares.

#3: Keep it Short

Don’t go for lengthy captions. A simple one-liner will do. Remember that the attention span of people is really quick, so you have to capture their attention in the first 5 seconds.

#4: Create posts that would make them funny, kind, or smart

The secret sauce in making shareable content is this: make content that will make someone look better. We want to be seen upon as kind, smart, and funny through our social media profiles. Our social media profiles are our highlight reel, so of course, we want to look good.

Doing posts that has essential information (health, current events, financial literacy), memes, and charitable posts (share-this-to-help, please-donate, save-the-environment) will give you more chances of clicks.

#5: Timing is Everything

You have to check the current events before posting or sharing anything. This is to ensure that your post is being inappropriate. It’s also better if you can check the upcoming holidays and events so you can prepare ahead with your social network posts.

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