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5 Best Memes on Social Media Apps of 2019

Memes are one of the main fuels for social media apps. Aside from entertainment, it also has become an avenue for discussions through comments or messenger conversations.

Memes are also no longer filled with just light jokes. It also now tackles certain societal issues, putting a humorous spin on it.

And as the year 2019 ends, we’re also putting an end to these well-loved memes that became popular on social media apps. With this, we decided to showcase the top memes of the year, refreshing us to the fruitful events of this year.

5 Best Memes on Social Media Apps of 2019

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 memes on social networking platforms. Now, you might find yourself confused at some of the entries so do check the explanation down below.

  • VSCO Girl
  • Does this Spark Joy?
  • Gamer Girl Bathwater
  • And I Oop!
  • Area 51 Raid

#5: VSCO Girl

VSCO Girl Meme Starter Pack on Social Media Apps

For some reason, someone made a stereotype from a photo-editing app and thus, VSCO Girl was born.

It’s supposed to mock a certain type of teenager that owns a hydro flask, a bunch of scrunchies and has an undying love for turtles and the phrase “skssksksss”. It’s meant to lightly make fun of teenagers “trying to be unique” by following basic trends.

#4: Does This Spark Joy?

For those who are not familiar with Marie Kondo, she’s a tidying expert. She has become popular across the globe with her book about the Konmari method and has now a series on Netflix (which is gasp about organizing things).

Because of her popularity, people can’t help but make her a meme too. They played around with one of her main tidying rules which is to eliminate items that don’t spark joy.

#3: Gamer Girl Bathwater

This meme started when an internet personality Belle Delphine started selling her bathwater. This definitely sounds ridiculous but what’s more ridiculous about it is that it got sold out. As the news broke in the social media apps space, people dive in and meme-fied the whole thing.

#2: And I Oop!

This seems to be a simple meme but became memorable as the term “And I Oop!” became the 2019 catchphrase. This all started on a video of Drag Queen Jasmine Masters where she said this iconic line.

#1: Area 51 Raid

This event has proven what memes can do. Area 51 memes started when a fictional Facebook event was made on which the author is inviting everyone to raid area 51 and see the aliens that the facility has been hiding for years.

Did the raid happen? It did. Not to the expected scale but still impressive. Just the fact that people actually went to Area 51 shows the unpredictable power of memes on social media apps.

And there you go, the top memes of 2019 on social media apps. Want a longer list? Check EyesUP’s listicle on this topic: 22 Social Media Memes of 2019: Which got the Most Followers and Likes?

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