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EyesUP: Will this App like Facebook take over the Social Media Space?

Even though Facebook is already a social media giant, people are still looking for an alternative– an app like Facebook that has the best features of the platform, without the privacy repercussions.

The gimmicky features of the said platform also affected the overall performance of the app. It’s also draining out its users’ battery and internet data.

With this, avid users of this social media platform are searching for App-like-facebook platforms. This is shown to the rapid growth of different facebook alternatives– one of which is EyesUP.

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5 Healthy Ways of Using Social Networking Platforms

When people talk about social networking platforms, everyone’s seemed to perceive it negatively.

But then, nobody seemed to realize that social media isn’t the problem. It’s us.

Everything is good in moderation. An occasional drink is fine. Eating a cup of ice cream in a week is acceptable. But when you start not having discipline, that’s when the trouble starts. That’s when you became alcoholic and obese.

The same goes for social networking platforms. If you have unhealthy habits when using social networking apps, then expect negative effects coming along your way.

On the other hand, if you know how to use social networking apps in a much efficient way, then expect to receive the benefits of using one.

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5 Surefire Tips to Make a Trending Social Media Post

When you’re working a social media manager or an internet personality (aka ‘influencers’), this term might irk you or excite you: Trending.

In today’s social media world, being on trend is everything. Clout (internet popularity) is the official social media currency. The more followers you have, the more chances for you to get brand deals (aka money).

How do you get that clout? Well by posting trending social media posts.

With this, people jump quickly on trending social media content. Whether it’s a challenge about licking ice cream on grocery stores, memes about a woman who sold her bathwater or even posting messenger screenshots about wanting a baby, internet users will jump as quickly as possible, just get that sweet, sweet clout.

But aside from jumping to trends, there’s also something you can do get viral. Instead of checking the top trends, why don’t you make your own viral content as well?

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Is it Okay to Create a Social Networking Account for your Baby?

With social networking taking over, it’s a common thing for parents to post photos about their children.

Now this lies the question: Is it okay for parents to create a social media account for their baby? Is this going to help their children progress in the digital world or is it going to hinder them?

Here is when it’s okay to create a profile for your child, and when it’s not.

It’s okay to create a profile when you’re securing their birthright

One can never tell the future of the internet, but one thing’s for sure, people will be having a hard time securing usernames for their social network profiles.

This is why parents are preparing ahead to ensure that their children will get the proper usernames for their social networking account. Some parents create these accounts, filled them with enough information and then hand them over to their children when they are on their right age.

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