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40 Social Media Bio Ideas to Get More Followers and Likes

Aside from a great profile picture, a great bio could bring you more followers and likes.

So if you’re an aspiring social media influencer or someone who simply wants to broaden his/her online presence, you might wanna consider to finesse up your bio or description page.

Now, if you still haven’t figured out your social media bio, well you’re in luck, as we’ve presented here 40 social media bio ideas that you could put on your own profile.

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5 Tips to Get More Followers on Social Networking Apps

Getting popular on social networking apps can be pretty tough. With people bringing in new content on social networking apps every day, it’s hard to stand out.

But before you fret and wave the white flag of surrender, here are the things you can do to attract more followers on your social networking profile.

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30+ Foodie Caption Ideas for Photo Sharing Platforms

Despite our differences, we’re all similar in that aspect: the love we have for food.

That’s why people love sharing food shots on photo sharing apps, like EyesUP. Foodie shots could be as extravagant as a full-course meal up to as simple fast food items like french fries.

Now, along with a good food photo, you should also put a clever caption on your food photos.

With that, here are caption ideas that you can use for your foodie photos. Ensure to get follows on photo sharing apps with these short yet fun food captions.

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6 Signs Someone is Catfishing You | Social Networking Tips

It’s cuffing season once again! People are flocking on social networking apps to find romance warmth. Along with the huge demand for dates, scammers are also busy searching for their next victims through catfishing.

With catfishing getting more prevalent, you should be wary with chatting people on social networking apps. You might be thinking you’re talking to this hot guy from New York, only to find out that the person behind the chat app is a different person.

Wondering if the person you’re chatting on a social networking app is a real person or a catfish? We have here the 6 signs to spot a catfish.

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Don’t Screw Up your Career with these 7 Social Media Mistakes

Social media changed the game even when it comes to finding a lucrative career. Before social media times, everyone has to work harder to push through their careers. People have to connect on conventions, check classified ads, go to forums, and all other career-related activities just to improve their careers.

But now, things have changed. In just a few clicks and messages, you can land your dream career or connect with a respectable mentor.

Now, along with the perks from these new social media apps are responsibilities. And if you want to have a good track record with your career, then you must avoid making these social media mistakes.

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