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EyesUP: Will this App like Facebook take over the Social Media Space?

Even though Facebook is already a social media giant, people are still looking for an alternative– an app like Facebook that has the best features of the platform, without the privacy repercussions.

The gimmicky features of the said platform also affected the overall performance of the app. It’s also draining out its users’ battery and internet data.

With this, avid users of this social media platform are searching for App-like-facebook platforms. This is shown to the rapid growth of different facebook alternatives– one of which is EyesUP.

What is EyesUP?

EyesUP is the latest social media app that caters to the crowd who prioritizes connections over anything else. After all, social media is all about connecting, right?

Using this app means not needing too many apps anymore just to call, text, video chat with your family and friends because EyesUP will give them all to you in just a flick of your fingers. It prides itself on having distinct features that are simple, accessible, customer-centric, and absolutely fun to use.

Features of EyesUP

What can you do with this app like facebook? Here are some of its features.

Send Instant Messages

Whether you want to send a simple text or multimedia message, you can do it on this platform.

Take Quality Voice and Video Calling

Since this social media app enables to meet new friends across the globe, it makes sure that the avenues of communication for long-distance friendships are always on top quality, such as voice calling and video calling.

Have 6 Profile Pictures

Unlike other social networking apps, EyesUP allows users to upload up to 6 profile pictures. No need to get stuck as to what photo you should pick.

Connect with Friends

Connecting with friends is so much easier, thanks to the reliable messenger features of the platform.

Discover New Creators

Get limitless content through the discover board. It has 3 categories: Fresh, Trending, and Popular.

Have the Chance to Shine

EyesUP has a fair algorithm for all of its users. This means that everyone can be discovered on the discover board. Users feed are also chronological, giving everyone enough visibility on the platform.

Messenger Separates Friends to Followers

EyesUP aims to bring in secure chat to its users. It also helps users to organize their messages as the followers and friends have separate inboxes. With this, you’ll have a much peaceful way of handling your social media account.

More Information

And there you go, a sneak peek of all the main features of this social networking app. Are you looking forward to checking this app out? Here’s more information about this featured mobile app.

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