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30+ Foodie Caption Ideas for Photo Sharing Platforms

Despite our differences, we’re all similar in that aspect: the love we have for food.

That’s why people love sharing food shots on photo sharing apps, like EyesUP. Foodie shots could be as extravagant as a full-course meal up to as simple fast food items like french fries.

Now, along with a good food photo, you should also put a clever caption on your food photos.

With that, here are caption ideas that you can use for your foodie photos. Ensure to get follows on photo sharing apps with these short yet fun food captions.

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5 Healthy Ways of Using Social Networking Platforms

When people talk about social networking platforms, everyone’s seemed to perceive it negatively.

But then, nobody seemed to realize that social media isn’t the problem. It’s us.

Everything is good in moderation. An occasional drink is fine. Eating a cup of ice cream in a week is acceptable. But when you start not having discipline, that’s when the trouble starts. That’s when you became alcoholic and obese.

The same goes for social networking platforms. If you have unhealthy habits when using social networking apps, then expect negative effects coming along your way.

On the other hand, if you know how to use social networking apps in a much efficient way, then expect to receive the benefits of using one.

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6 Signs Someone is Catfishing You | Social Networking Tips

It’s cuffing season once again! People are flocking on social networking apps to find romance warmth. Along with the huge demand for dates, scammers are also busy searching for their next victims through catfishing.

With catfishing getting more prevalent, you should be wary with chatting people on social networking apps. You might be thinking you’re talking to this hot guy from New York, only to find out that the person behind the chat app is a different person.

Wondering if the person you’re chatting on a social networking app is a real person or a catfish? We have here the 6 signs to spot a catfish.

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5 Surefire Tips to Make a Trending Social Media Post

When you’re working a social media manager or an internet personality (aka ‘influencers’), this term might irk you or excite you: Trending.

In today’s social media world, being on trend is everything. Clout (internet popularity) is the official social media currency. The more followers you have, the more chances for you to get brand deals (aka money).

How do you get that clout? Well by posting trending social media posts.

With this, people jump quickly on trending social media content. Whether it’s a challenge about licking ice cream on grocery stores, memes about a woman who sold her bathwater or even posting messenger screenshots about wanting a baby, internet users will jump as quickly as possible, just get that sweet, sweet clout.

But aside from jumping to trends, there’s also something you can do get viral. Instead of checking the top trends, why don’t you make your own viral content as well?

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