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Is it Okay to Create a Social Networking Account for your Baby?

With social networking taking over, it’s a common thing for parents to post photos about their children.

Now this lies the question: Is it okay for parents to create a social media account for their baby? Is this going to help their children progress in the digital world or is it going to hinder them?

Here is when it’s okay to create a profile for your child, and when it’s not.

It’s okay to create a profile when you’re securing their birthright

One can never tell the future of the internet, but one thing’s for sure, people will be having a hard time securing usernames for their social network profiles.

This is why parents are preparing ahead to ensure that their children will get the proper usernames for their social networking account. Some parents create these accounts, filled them with enough information and then hand them over to their children when they are on their right age.

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Don’t Screw Up your Career with these 7 Social Media Mistakes

Social media changed the game even when it comes to finding a lucrative career. Before social media times, everyone has to work harder to push through their careers. People have to connect on conventions, check classified ads, go to forums, and all other career-related activities just to improve their careers.

But now, things have changed. In just a few clicks and messages, you can land your dream career or connect with a respectable mentor.

Now, along with the perks from these new social media apps are responsibilities. And if you want to have a good track record with your career, then you must avoid making these social media mistakes.

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